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A Brief History of F & C

About First & Central Church

Located in center city Wilmington, Delaware, First and Central is a diverse, accepting and open-minded community of faith featuring many exciting programs and ministries. Rooted in a long and rich history (260 years) in downtown Wilmington, First & Central is a progressive, forward-looking and forward thinking congregation which takes pride in celebrating the leadership of all (women, men and our young people) and in welcoming and embracing people of all lifestyles. Our commitment to openess and inclusiveness leads us to strongly support the ratification of the Presbyterian "Amendent A" and to be a founding member of the Covenant Network.

First & Central's life and mission is centered in a vibrant worship life enriched by one of the most dynamic music ministries in the state. In educational opportunities for all ages, we explore the meaning of failthful living in our contemporary society. Through ministries of care and fellowship, we seek to build a strong community of support and encouragement. With the city's downtown as our neighborhood, we actively seek to provide programs and events for the large daytime workforce as well as for residents. In outreach, we work for a more just, compassionate and peaceful society, including help to at-risk people. Our endowment enhances our capability for service. Deeply committed to interfaith and ecumenical involvement, we are a gathering place for many community organizations and activities. We seek to live by our motto: A Church Without Walls That Welcomes Without Limits.